Description and Overview

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands, it has many canals that add to the beauty of the city. The tree lined canals make having a boat ride down the canal a very fun and interesting ride. You get to ride all through the city and you get to see all the people and the beautiful architecture.


Of course, the main mode of transportation in Amsterdam is boats because most of the city is canals. Many tourists either walk or rent bikes to ride around the city in. You can get taxis and such but the best way to travel around the city is to ride bikes and walk. To get to Amsterdam you will have to take a plane.


The climate of Amsterdam is very similar to Great Britain because they are located closely together. In the winter time, it is nippy but if you bring a coat, some gloves, and boots you should be good to go. The spring and the summer are the best times to travel to Amsterdam because the flowers are in bloom and its the perfect temperature. Fall is a lot like winter in the sense that if you bring layers of clothing, you will be good to go.